1- What is the contribution of the approach to the ISO 22000 standard in your company?

Certification remains a structuring tool for all teams, a frame of reference. The ISO22000 Food Safety theme was the last missing link in the Integrated Management System ISO9001, 14001, 45001, a fundamental criterion for safely supporting the continued growth of our brand on an international scale.

2- What is the added value of Alpha Omega Consult's support in this process?

Our structure being reduced 10 people, in regard to the standards of an international group of wines and spirits, Alpha Omega was able to immediately adapt to our size, to maintain the efficiency that characterizes us. All the fundamentals were covered, certification obtained in just 6 months.

3- You have trained your teams in the ISO 22000 standard. From an operational point of view, what did this training bring you?

This training brought together all the professions: Cellars & offices, around a common objective. Department heads now share a culture and responsibility around food quality and safety; good practices have integrated the most normal operational functioning of the world.

4- What is the added value of using Alpha Omega Connect?

During these training sessions, Alpha Omega showed great pragmatism, flexibility in relation to the profile of the team trained, so as to advance the team, while maintaining interest and motivation, with the aim of obtaining a 4th certification. achieved in record time.


Alexandre Defrance
Directeur d’établissement régional Lillet Podensac


April 05, 2022

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