1- How does the approach contribute to the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards in your company?

Food safety is fundamental for Danone. We would not be able to fulfill our corporate mission of "Bringing Health Through Food to As many People as possible" if we did not start with healthy foods of the highest quality. To meet this commitment, we mobilize all our teams, as well as our suppliers and partners, and promote excellence in food safety through a robust food safety management system. On a daily basis, we design, manufacture and deliver products and services that meet regulatory requirements and the highest quality and food safety standards. We also anticipate emerging trends and risks, relying on strong internal expertise as well as external partnerships. Global assessment of the conformity and effectiveness of the entire system through external certification processes based on a set of ISO standards helps to demonstrate our commitment and the rigorous management of possible risks to food safety.

2- What is the added value of supporting Alpha Omega Consult in this process?

I worked with Alpha Omega Consult as part of an ISO22000 process. This company, with strong expertise on the subject, provided fair and effective evaluations, highly appreciated by the teams in charge of the project. The very expert advice of the consultant Nathalie Leborne and the support throughout the assignment allowed us to quickly progress and successfully complete the project.


Directeur du système de management de la sécurité alimentaire


September 07, 2021

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